The Palm Bay
Transmission Repair Shop
South Florida Transmissions

Serving Palm Bay, Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Automatic and manual transmission repair, service and maintenance.

South Florida Transmission Repair Shop serving Palm Bay, Florida has the top team of well trained certified transmission builders and technicians who diagnose, replace, repair and rebuild automatic transmissions and standard or manual transmissions for automobiles and commercial vehicles, fees and trucks at our high tech shop with all the latest equipment and technology.

South Florida Transmission


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Our transmission shops across Florida specialize in diagnosing automatic and standard transmissions and repairing defective and worn out transmissions, custom rebuilds and replacing components along with providing your vehicle with a complete maintenance schedule to keep it running well for years to come.

Our Palm Bay Transmissions Repair Shop also provides free estimates and consultations, towing your disabled car to the shop, and free rides to pick up your car after the repair is done. We always use the highest quality parts for your car and stay up-to-date with the latest improvements to parts and components in our vehicle. Our transmission and rebuilding shop has state of the art equipment so that your vehicle gets repaired with precision accuracy and reliability.
We first opened in 1989 and our staff has over 80 years combined experience in Florida. Our shop manager has decades of experience in the business as an owner and transmission expert.

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