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Clutch repair in manual and automatic transmissions

Clutch repair in manual transmissions

When your clutch fails in the transmission, repair costs vary depending on the make and age of your car. The three main components with clutch repairs are the pressure plate, clutch disc and throw out bearing. Sometimes the flywheel may need to be resurfaced and the slave or master cylinder replaced. Always keep the transmission fluid levels where they should be to avoid causing damage to the clutch. Our technicians will check for leaks, replace the main seal and input shaft before reassembling the clutch so the vehicle doesn’t have reoccurring issues with the clutch being damaged.

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The parts are not that expensive for this type of repair but the labor involved with this type of repair is most of the cost. At our Transmission Repair Shop in Palm Bay we have fair, low cost hourly rates for labor and expert technicians which is why we have thousands of loyal customers.

Clutch repair in automatic transmissions

With automatic transmission repair you don't have a typical clutch like you do with manual transmissions. These clutches are plates and bands that propel power through the transmission in nanoseconds. They are like "disks" and have a textile reinforced polymer coating that makes contact with the steel plates for long lasting performance. The clutch disks and plates are stacked alternating between each other inside your clutch drum with splines that go through them. Hydraulic pistons create the pressure to make this complex clutch system work.

When the groves in the disks get worn or the coated material on the disks lose their protection then you have metal on metal which causes the clutch to slip and debris to scatter through your transmission which eventually causes more problems. So you should get your clutch repairs asap if you have any warning signs of slipping.