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Manual Transmission Repair

Diagnosis of your standard or manual transmission

When we diagnose your vehicle at South Florida Transmissions in Palm Bay, Florida at 2651 Palm Bay Rd. NE Our technicians start with a multi-point inspection on your manual transmission. Most often the failure occurs within components of your clutch. Many times we see cars and trucks that have clutch part problems and not a broken transmission. If adjustments or repairs to the clutch are not sufficient our mechanics will then recommend going to the transmission inspection and diagnostics stage.

manual and standard transmission repair service mechanic

Repair Stage of your standard transmission

In this case we will remove the vehicle’s transmission and inspect for failed or worn out parts that need replacing.
Our ASE certified technicians who are well known in Palm Bay for their expertise in working with manual transmissions for cars, trucks, antique cars, sports cars snd commercial fleets. Our expert technicians are excellent at analyzing the clutch, disc, pressure plate and throw out bearings among other components that could be defective. The finest collectible cars using manual transmissions have been sent to our transmission shop because of the reputation of our staff.

Our technicians will install high quality parts specified by your manufacturer’s standards. We’ll also install upgraded parts that are recommended for that type of transmission or clutch related component. When the transmission or clutch repair is finished, we reinstall the transmission and clutch and fill the chamber with new high quality fluid or gear oil according to the manufacturers specifications.

The last stage is to drive your vehicle on Florida’s interstate or I-95 in Brevard County where our shop is located to perform a leak check, proper clutch install, and adjustments to ensure peak performance and stability.