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Testimonials from our customers

Our loyal customers throughout Southern Florida have been coming to us in Palm Bay for decades because we are reliable and have fair prices. Honesty and integrity are key to having a loyal base of customers and referrals and it helps that we have the best transmission technicians and mechanics.

Here are some of our favorite testimonials that our customers have had to say about us over the years.
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transmission repair office in Palm Bay
Hector (William) and the guys at South Flordia Transmission are simply the best. My BMW 750Li was giving me the blues, numerous errors, jerky gear shifting. Initially diagnosed as a TCM(transmission control module) problem with a cost of I was ready to park it. Hector (William)and his guys checked it out and repaired my car at a cost of less than the original estimate. Thank you South Florida Transmissions!
Joe Browne, Palm Bay
The Unlimited Miles warranty that I have on my automatic transmission through South Florida has been the best investment on my truck, I have kept up with the regular maintenance intervals as required and this warranty has proven itself to be worth everything I have spent on it. My engine decided to go on me so I have had to replace that recently and my transmission still runs strong. I was required to bring the truck back after I had a new motor put in to make sure all was working good. I know South Florida is the place for all my future vehicle work, kudos to this business.
David Bartelson, Melbourne
Glad to see that there are still honest, friendly, family businesses out there. On our way through town heading back to Jacksonville , we thought what we had was a transmission problem. They looked it over, on their lunch time, determined our catalytic converter had failed. Went to get that repaired and got back on the road within hours. There was no charge for their service and I commend them on their FRIENDLY, FAMILY service.
Alfred Taylor, Palm Bay
Thank you for the service and integrity of South Florida that is too rare these days. The crew is great and professional. I chose your shop when the transmission failed on my suburban as you had the best warranty that I could find.
Alicia Johnson, Melbourne
First, we want to thank you so much for being the business that you are. Never have we experienced such efficient, superior, and customer oriented service in an automotive shop. You rank supreme. The manager answered all our questions fully and with knowledge, he also explained them on a lay persons level. He explained the warranty information and let us know when our vehicle would be completed. You will be our top choice if we ever need transmission service again and we would recommend you to any of our friends and/or family that need repair or service. Thank you again for your exceptional level of customer service and quality of work.
James Cotter, Palm Bay