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How we diagnose for transmission failures

When you bring your vehicle into our transmission repair shop in Palm Bay for the diagnostics procedure, we are careful to make sure we place protective covering on any areas we will be touching. We know you take care of your car and respect that.

The first step is to take your vehicle for a test drive to evaluate how it’s functioning and listen for any irregular noises or malfunctions in the transmission or the way it car operates. Then we run a drive line diagnostics test with advanced computer software that tell us the malfunction codes in the automobile's transmission control unit. These codes give our ASE certified technicians indications what is wrong with your car’s transmission and how to proceed with repairs.

Once your automobile is hoisted onto our lift our CST ASE certified technicians can diagnose visual problems with the components on the transmission such as the transfer casing, differentials, drive shaft and electrical connections. We also inspect any issues for proper performance beyond the transmission.

After we have completely diagnosed the problems with your transmission we will call you and discuss a repair plan and the most effective way of getting your vehicle back on the road so that you will have no further issues. Once we have your approval we will move on from the diagnostics stage and move on to repairing your transmission.